1998 Chicago Champs: Blind Man's Bluff

From January 1997 through August 1998, the Blind Man's Bluff foursome of David Wilner, Drew Breen, Nick Geisinger and Chaz Ruhl redefined Chicago-style a cappella rock. After five weeks together, they won Audience Favorite at the 1997 Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes. Their debut CD, Shades, has been received to national acclaim, including a place on the 1998 Primarily A Cappella bestsellers list. Last year, Bluff established themselves as the best in the Midwest as the1998 Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes Champions, then went on to win Third Place at the National Competition. In addition, Bluff's own "Wake Up Call" took the prize for Best Original Song in the nation. Today, Blind Man's Bluff has a new look and sound, with three new members since last year. David and Drew are joined by Lyell Haynes, Paul Donnelly, and Owen Thomas, and audiences nationwide agree that the new BMB fivesome is better than ever. Their trademark "powerhouse" sound is coupled with fierce vocal percussion, creating a modern rock / funk / R&B cross that few can duplicate. Bluff continues to tour nationally, demonstrating nightly why they are Chicago's premier vocal rock band.

1998 Results

1st Place: Blind Man's Bluff
Second Place:
Poor Baker's Dozen
Third Place: The Shaggy Boys
Audience Favorite: Delusions of Grandeur
Best Original Song: (tie) Shagabego, The Shaggy Boys, by Matt Anthoney
Wakeup Call, Blind Man's Bluff, by David Wilner
Best Original Arrangement: (tie) Bei Mir Bist Du Schien - LISTEN UP!
Just What I Needed - Delusions of Grandeur