1998 Denver Champs: Cool Schooz

Cool Shooz is a Rock n' Roll A Cappella! This group has been wowing Colorado audiences musically one moment, then making them laugh out loud the next, since 1990. They appeared here previously in 1996, and have since entertained thousands of people all over Colorado. Their unique sound is a blend of many years of individual experience shining opera, vocal jazz., musical theater, and rhythm and blues. You will notice two new faces and voices: Jeff King, the velvet-toed tenor, has performed here previously with The Diners. Also new is vocal percussionist Tom Connor - a fine tenor singer in his own right - adding his tasty percussion to finish the COOL SHOOZ sound. Hear their now-famous Bohemian Rhapsody tonight at the Afterglow, but for now, just sit back and enjoy...THE SHOOZ BROTHERS!?!

1998 Results

1st Cool Shooz
2nd Remix
Audience Favorite Remix
Best Original song You Say: Measure to Measure