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2000 Mid-Atlantic champions

Toxic Audio

Toxic Audio is a 5-member theatrical mixed vocal band who combine popular and original songs, musical improvisation, and comedic sound effects in their high energy performances without the use of musical instruments. The Toxins create their unique sound by combining tight a cappella harmonies with vocal percussion and voice effects processors. Styles include contemporary pop, rock-n-roll, jazz, hip-hop, comedy, and improvisational songs. They've traveled across the country performing their concert show and opening for the likes of Tony Bennett, Ziggy Marley, The Rippingtons, and The Bobs. Their self-titled debut CD is a mix of original and cover tunes with unique twists. They've performed in a variety of venues across the country including New York, Las Vegas, Boston, Washington D.C. and Colorado as well as appearing for the past year at Walt Disney World.

2000 Results

Toxic Audio
The Midnight Voices
Audience Favorite
Toxic Audio
Best Arrangement
"TV Time" by Toxic Audio

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2000 Contestants:

Crossroads ­ a recently formed mixed quartet from south-central Pennsylvania, they specialize in preserving the songs of the big band era, but also cut across genre lines and enjoy presenting many types of music. Crossroads uses entertainment value as a litmus test in selecting their music. They are all consummate "group" singers, each with many years of experience singing in barbershop quartet and chorus champions.
Members: Linda Beaver, Anne Willis, Bob Schellhamer, Tom Felgen

4real­ Since 1992 4seal has been wowing crowds of all ages with their exciting and unique sound. These four male singers from western Pennsylvania use a variety of styles ranging from doo-wop to country to swing and just about anything in between. Coming from different parts of the country, with varied interests and fields of study, they combine high-energy harmonics with on-stage antics to create a show everyone will love.
Members: Sean Moran, Richard Beaulè, Christopher Murphy, Devon Lippmann

Humbuckers This 5-man vocal band that performs contemporary rock and pop songs throughout the Washington metro area. They pride themselves on unorthodox cooking techniques, obsolete geographical trivia-and they song too. The name, the Humbuckers, refers to a coil in microphones used to warm and smooth out the sound-it is also a sure deal for an Internet domain name.
Members: Adrian Collazo, Eric Olsen, Larry France, David Lieber, Dave Trendler

The Midnight Voices ­ a male group of seven that started in 1996 when a bunch of guys got together to serenade their "female friends" the night before high school graduation in Bucks County, PA. They specialize in classical, pop-contemporary, doo-wop, and barbershop. What is amazing about this group right now is that they all attend different colleges.
Members: Michael Leach, Justin Guarini, Cole Simcox, Kevin Powell, Paul Griffin, Nick Cisik, Jay Herbert

BlueLine This mixed sextet performs an eclectic mixture of jazz, gospel, and contemporary music in the Washington, DC area. The group was formed in fall 1999 by several friends whose day jobs-ranging from public relations to heart surgery-just weren't providing enough time on stage. They focus on lush, beautiful chords and a light touch, emphasizing the ensemble sound over the individual voice.
Members: Anita Willis, Ashley Burt, Kakki Reynolds, Brian Lewis, J. P. Vidas, Jeff Knishkowy

Southbound ­ a male trio from Ohio that has been performing together since 1983. The style of music they perform is as diverse as their voices‹they sing country, doo-wop, gospel, and rhythm and blues. The group sings on a weekly basis taking their unique brand of humor and harmony on the road wherever opportunity takes them.
Members: Doug Miller, Bob MacLeod, David Beck

Toxic Audio ­ a five-member, mixed theatrical vocal group that combines popular and original songs, musical improvisation and comedy in their high-energy performances. The "Toxins", as they call themselves, create their unique sound by combining tight a cappella harmonies with vocal percussion. They mimic band instruments to create a full and complete "band" sound. Styles include contemporary, pop, rock ¹n¹ roll, jazz, hip-hop, comedy and improvisational songs.
Members: Renè Ruiz, Jeremy James, Paul Sperrazza, Shalisa James, Michelle Mailhot

Vocal Tonic This 6-man vocal band is based in Atlanta, which is rapidly becoming THE a cappella hub of the nation... well, at least in the South. Their repertoire is mainly progressive pop/rock, with a touch of jazz and R&B thrown in for good measure. Their recent recording garnered a CARA nomination for Best Original Song.
Members: Paul Collar, Graham Kuhn, Dave Gilbert, Dave Sperandio, Paul Tate, Joey Chen

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