21st Annual

2005 Rocky Mountain Champions


face is an all-vocal rock band that prides itself in bringing a new edge and attitude to one of the purest forms of musical production. These six guys from Boulder provide raw entertainment from original arrangements of pop, rock, jazz, and classical fusion. Recently dubbed a "6-voice bomb blast," face. appeared at the past two Rocky Mountain Harmony Sweeps, winning Audience Favorite both years, and Runner-Up in 2003.
Members: Cody Qualls, Mark Megibow, Ben Lunstad, Forest Kelly, Jayson Throckmorton, Stephen Ross

2005 Results

Audience Favorite
CVJS Best Stage Performance
Jerry Lawson Best Soloist
Cody Qualls (face) "Harder to Breathe"
Jeffery Harris Best Original Song
"Times Like These" (No Better Cause) Nate Kellison
Deke Sharon Best Original Arrangement "Harder to Breathe" (face) Ryan Driver
2005 Partcipating groups:
Curious Gage: Still new to the contemporary vocal scene, ‘Curious Gage’ from northern Colorado brings its unique blend of talents to the stage. Their entertaining mix of original and familiar songs is surpassed only by the intensity and energy of their performance. The band’s deeply complex harmonies combine with the best vocal percussion in Northern Colorado. Competing in 2004, Curious Gage won Best Arrangement award.

Members: Ryan Smykil, Nic Widhalm, Justin Curtis Adams, Tom Miles.

THE EARL FAMILY SINGERS began their musical story singing hyms and Christmas carols at nursing homes. They added Barbershop to their repertoire, auditioned at Silver Dollar City in Branson and have done more than 50 shows there since. They sang the U.S. and Canadian National Anthems at Kansas City Royals games and have appeared on television in Missouri. Last summer they competed in the semi-finals of the Gospel Music Association.

Members: Joshua Earl, Josiah Earl, Jessica Earl, Judah Earl

Face: Boulder's six-man vocal band, 'Face', boasts Audience Favorite and Runner-Up awards from the 2003 Rocky Mountain Sweeps. These talented singers provide raw entertainment from original arrangements of pop, rock, jazz, gospel and classical selections. The group also competed in 2004, winning the Audience Favorite award.

Members: Cody Qualls, Mark Megibow, Ben Lunstad, Forest Kelly, Jayson Throckmorton, Stephen Ross

HARMONIX was established in the fall of 2004. The group formed as a result of the need to have a mixed a cappella presence in the northern Metro area. The group performs a musical genre consisting of Rock, Pop, Jazz, R&B, Blues and Classical with five vocal parts and vocal percussion.

Members: Vicki Squires, Heidi Bryant, Scott Dunn, Tyra Dixon, Rick Landrum, Arthur Ortega

IGNITION “Launched” in March of 2004, Ignition! First competed as the Rocky Mountain District’s International Prelinary Competition in April, taking second place after only a few weeks in existence. Ignition’s goal is not simply to entertain, but to ignite audiences with a show that will leave them completely blown away. Their show is a stellar mix of styles and songs over which audiences of all ages will go “ballistic.”

Members: Roger Olson, Curtis Terry, James Taylor, Dennis Malone

THE NORTHERN COLORADO VOICES: The vocal jazz heritage instilled in a consistently excellent educational experience in Greeley is broadly recognized across the country. Northern Colorado Voices is the premier vocal jazz ensemble at the University of Northern Colorado. This sextet, comprised of six singers, 3 women and 3 men, performs a wide variety of repertoire, from mainstream jazz to contemporary arrangements of pop songs.

Members: Emily Thompson, Kim Dawson, Kelsi Shiba, Wilson Skomal, Pierre Houssney, Paul Pavlik

NO BETTER CAUSE: The infectious and exciting one-of-a-kind style of No Better Cause adds an intriguing a cappella sound to their repertoire of pop, rock, R&B and standard tunes. The six-man group from Lincoln, Nebraska, Rocky Mountain Runner-Up in 2004, has a distinctive talent and a bent for true originality. Competed in 2004; won Runner-Up award.

Members: Nate Kellison, Luke Kellison, Zack Bjornsen, Ryan Chappelle, Michael Evans

THE PLUMBERS OF ROME: Taking a much-needed break from battling the sewage concerns of antiquity, The Plumbers of Rome bring to you the wisdom of the ages, the truths of the Universe, and the savory profundity of Sizzlin' Socrates' Ramen Noodles (tm). The Plumbers are sponsored by Floetius, third cousin of Bacchus and god of singing plumbers.

Members: Chris Bogert, Tim Y Jones, Dan Testa

Complete list of 2005 national participants

Boston - Chicago - Denver - Los Angeles - New York - Pacific North West - San Francisco - Washington DC

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